Ferron Rice

Unit Qty / Case Pkg. Size / Gr.
Vialone Nano Kg. 10 1
Vialone Nano – Biologolico Gr. 20 500
Carnaroli *
Kg. 10 1
Venere (Black)
Gr. 16 500
Rice Flour (Fine) Kg. 8 1
Rice Flour for Polenta Kg. 8 1
Bretelline (Contains 20% Rice Flour) Gr. 12 500
Flour Almond Biscotti (Pillotine Alle Mandorle) Gr. 12 200
Grissini Di Riso Gr. 12 200
Cuore Di Linguirizia Gr. 12 200
Pilotini Al Cacao & Nocciole Gr. 12 200

Large-grained white risotto rice that stays firm when cooked.

* Carnaroli rice grows nearly twice as tall as either Arborio or Vialone Nano, making it extremely difficult to harvest (it must be harvested as soon as it matures, before the large grain falls over from its own weight!). Why does owner Gabriele Ferron go to all the trouble to produce carnaroli? First, because this rice plumps to three times its size when cooked, absorbing a staggering amount of liquid along the way. The resulting texture is creamy, yet still al dente. Second, carnaroli is as white as snow, resulting in a dazzlingly beautiful plate of risotto. The large, long grain also makes it an exceptional choice for rice salad.

The Pila Vecia label represents the top 10% of Gabriele Ferron’s rice harvest (the best of the best!).

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